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How do I add a credit card for billing?

Note: Your monthly billing won’t start for 14 days after your signup date. Your credit card is not required when you sign up, however, you will need to add one before your website can go live, or if you have surpassed your first 14 days on our platform.

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Step 1

When logged into your Twenty Over Ten account, navigate to your account from the top right, and select “Account Settings” from the dropdown options:

Step 2

Click the “Plan & Payment” tab to navigate to your billing settings:

Step 3

If you aren’t on a paid plan yet, first select your preferred billing plan.

Step 4

Scroll down and enter in the necessary credit card information under the “Add payment information” section:

Step 5

If you’ve properly filled out your billing info you will be able to proceed with upgrading your account. Click the active, green “Upgrade Account” button from the bottom right of your billing panel:

Have questions about your billing? Give us a call or submit a ticket.

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