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How Do I Add, Manage, and Delete Compliance Officers?

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Log into your Twenty Over Ten account.

Note: Be sure to log in to your admin account to have full control over your compliance team, and add & delete compliance officers.

Step 1

From your admin account, click ‘my account’.


Step 2

From the dropdown, select officers


Adding a Compliance Officer

To add a compliance officer to your team, click ‘add new officer’.


Fill out the name, email, and a temporary password for that officer. Each officer will be able to login through these credentials and update their password at anytime.


Click ‘create officer’


Edit an existing Compliance Officer’s information

From the list of officers, select ‘edit’ and update any of the available information.


Click ‘save officer’


Delete a Compliance Officer

From the list of officers, select ‘delete’. Confirm whether you want to delete that advisor.


Confirm that you would like to delete that officer to permanently remove them from your team


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