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Can I copy and paste content from a Word document?

Microsoft Word and other word processing services are great for drafting content, but these services may insert invisible formatted characters and/or code (HTML) that may not display correctly when pasted onto web pages. Invisible characters and code may also interfere with the Twenty Over Ten platform.

We recommend pasting content “as plain text” when copying and pasting from a Word document or other word processing service to remove any hidden characters that might get rendered unpredictably by the Twenty Over Ten platform.

Right click to paste as plain text

After copying the content from your word processing document, you can right click your mouse to paste your content onto your site. Select the “paste as plain text” option instead of the “paste” option. Some browsers may not offer “paste as plain text” but will offer “paste and match style” which works in a similar way.

Use hot keys to paste as plain text

Windows computers: CTRL + Shift + V

Mac computers: Shift + Option + Command + V

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