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How can I add a pop-up form to my website?

Are you wanting to have a pop-up form appear on your website? Whether it’s encouraging visitors to schedule a meeting or download an e-book,  Sumo is a great option to consider when creating pop-ups. Below is a video on how to create and publish one on your Twenty Over Ten site:

1. Log into your Twenty Over Ten account

2. In a separate tab, log into sumo.com

3. In sumo.com, click “Add New Site” and type in your website’s URL

4. Copy the code from sumo.com that’s provided to you

5. Return to your Twenty Over Ten account and click on the site settings button in the lower left

6. Open the advanced panel and toggle on Developer Mode

7. Scroll down to the black box titled Header Code Inject

8. Paste your code from sumo.com into that box. Please note that if there is any code in there already, you will want to scroll to the very last character in that box and enter your new code after the last character of the last line of existing code.

9. Save your changes and then return to sumo.com

10. Create your pop-up at sumo.com. You can refer to the video above or Sumo’s help site for ideas

11. Return to your Twenty Over Ten account and refresh your browser to preview the pop-up form

12. Publish to have the pop-up form appear on your live website

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