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How can I improve my SEO?

With Twenty Over Ten’s baked in SEO features, it’s easy to start ranking at the top of Google searches organically. Below we’re sharing a variety of low-hanging fruit SEO suggestions to help your site rise to the top.


On-Page Ranking Factors

Below are links to resources that outline surefire ways to improve your organic rankings through on-page SEO tactics like blogging and copywriting. 

Blogging SEO Tips

Not convinced a blog is worth your time? Here’s 7 reasons why every advisor should add a blog to their website. You can also check out our webinar on Blogging 101: How to Get Started in 60 Minutes.

Copywriting SEO Tips

  • Add visuals
  • Create skimmable content 
  • Link to credible sources
  • Use keywords strategically
  • Regularly update your site with fresh content 

Off-Page Ranking Factors

There are also many different off-page tactics to help boost your rankings like using tools such as Google My Business and Google Search Console.

Looking for more? Check out SEO: Best Practices for Financial Advisors in 2019 and beyond!

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