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How do I update my current website subscription?

Step 1

Log into your Twenty Over Ten account.

Step 2

Navigate to your ‘account’, and select ‘account settings’ from the drop down. Select the ‘Plan and Payment’ tab.

Step 3

If an upgrade is available, it will be highlighted below your current website subscription. You can review our latest offering and see the benefits by clicking ‘view details’.

We are currently offering our full, editable content library as part of our newest website subscription. For those that plan to subscribe to content assist separately can simply upgrade their website subscription and save more than $130.

Important: Once you upgrade your website subscription, you can no longer downgrade.

Step 4

Select whether you would like to pay Annually or Monthly and then select ‘Upgrade Account’.

Step 5

Once complete your new subscription will be visible under ‘my plan’ in the ‘Plan & Payment’ tab. Click close when you are finished.

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