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How will my site appear on different devices?

Twenty Over Ten frameworks are designed to ensure your visitors can easily navigate your website on any device, including: desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.

The best way to learn how your website looks and functions on various screen sizes is to test it yourself. There are two ways we recommend testing your website’s functionality for this:

  1. Using our built-in device preview options
  2. Viewing your build URL on your own physical devices

How to use the built-in device preview options

To use the built-in options, be sure you are logged into your Twenty Over Ten account. From your dashboard look at the options in the top right of your Website Preview window.

From the dropdown you can toggle between the default “Desktop” view, as well as a “Tablet” view, and “Mobile” view. You can also pop-out your website preview window for a full-screen desktop experience.

How to access your build URL on other devices

You can easily access the URL of your in-build website by clicking the “Copy Build URL” from the options located in the top right of your website preview. Once copied you can then share this URL however you please. We recommend emailing it to yourself so you can then easily view it on mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

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