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Overview of blog post settings

Note: This is an overview of your blog post settings, not your blog page. If you are interested in the latter, please check out our Overview of Blog Page Settings article.

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Adding & Editing an Existing Blog Post

To add a blog post click on the ‘Add New Post’ in the top right.


To edit existing blog posts click on the post you would like to edit.


Post Title / URL / Publish Date

Once you are on the Edit Post window you can change the post title, change the post’s URL slug, and change the publish date. The date you should reflect the date that you publish your blog post. This will not allow you to schedule a blog post to post automatically.


Manage Blog Post Content

Underneath the Post URL Slug and Publish Date is the WYSIWYG that allows you to create/edit your own original blog content. You can also link directly to an external URL instead of showing the post content.


Adding an Excerpt

Further down the window is the option of adding an excerpt. The excerpt is used in Blog Feeds to show a description of the post underneath the post’s title.



Categories are a way of categorizing posts. This is a way for visitors to filter posts to a specific category in the Blog Feed.


Featured Images

Below Categories is the Featured Image for that blog post. If you hover over the image two buttons will appear giving you the options of either deleting the image or changing the image.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the text description that will show below the post link in search engine listings.


SHARE / Social Details

Towards the bottom of the Page Settings window, you will find the SHARE/SOCIAL section. There is the option to upload an image (this is the image that will appear when your blog post is shared on social media sites) and to edit a description (this is the description that will appear when under the image when your blog post is shared on social media sites).

Saving Posts

Once you are finished with you post click Save Post.


Deleting a Blog Post

If you would like to delete the blog page altogether you can click on the ‘Delete Blog’ button at the bottom, left hand side of the window. A confirmation window will pop up. Click ‘Confirm’.


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