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Requesting a Domain Release from AdvisorSquare / Smarsh / Advisor Launchpad

Clients who wish to transfer their domain from Advisor Square / Smarsh / Advisor Launchpad will have to send an email to support@advisorlaunchpad.com to request a release of their domain name.

In that email please include the following:

  1. What the domain is that you are requesting to be transferred.
  2. That you need to have the domain transferred into an account of your own (if you should happen to already have a Godaddy account, be sure to provide the account number)
  3. If you have email setup with your domain, be sure to request your MX records, which control your email. These will be reset when the domain is released but can be added back in immediately.

Important: If you are going live or already live with your new website at Twenty Over Ten inform Advisor Square / Smarsh / Advisor Launchpad that you are cancelling your web services.

Contact Advisor Square / Smarsh / Advisor Launchpad Customer Support:

(888) 379-5724 x7777

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