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Supported browsers

Twenty Over Ten supports most desktop browsers for viewing and editing your site. To deliver you the best viewing and editing experience our platform works with the most recent advanced browsers.

Supported Browsers

While we recommend Chrome for an optimal editing experience, you can use any of the following browsers to edit and view your Twenty Over Ten website:

We recommend using the latest browser version available to your operating system.

Things to note when using a supported browser:

Browser add-ons or extensions

If you have add-ons or extensions installed for your browser these may interfere with editing your website. We may ask you to disable them when helping you troubleshoot certain issues.

Using a Virtual Browser

Browsers on virtual environments, such as Citrix® and VMware®, might not support all Twenty Over Ten functionality. For the best experience, use a supported browser on your local computer.

Using an Unsupported Browser

If you use Twenty Over Ten on an older or unsupported browser, some features might not work, or an application might not open.

Reporting Issues

If you are experiencing any difficulties with any of the above mentioned browsers, please send us a detailed report about the issue to support@twentyoverten.com, including which browser and version is currently being affected.

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