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How Do I Send a Direct Message to an Advisor (Communicating with Advisors In-App)

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Any compliance officer can communicate directly with advisors in-app. You can chat, as well as attach necessary files when communicating with advisors. Alerts are sent to both parties (via email and dashboard) when the other party responds.

Log into your Twenty Over Ten account.


In the top right of your screen, click the ‘chat’ icon


Step 2

Once the chat feature is open, click on the relevant advisor to the left. Your chat history will appear to the right.


Step 3

Both parties can type directly into the text area. In addition, both parties can also attached necessary files (such as PDFs).

Cick ‘send message’.


Note: A detailed record of your conversations with specific advisors is kept so you can revisit previous notes or download these conversations at any time.

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