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Verifying Your Website with Bing Webmaster Tools

Once you have a Bing Webmaster Tools account, you can add websites to your account. You can do so by entering the URL of your website into the Add a Site input box and clicking Add.

Next, you need to verify that you are the owner of the website. There are three ownership verification methods. We recommend one of these:

(A) Meta tag authentication:

Copy the displayed <meta> tag with your custom ownership verification code to your clipboard. Once logged in to your Twenty Over Ten account, navigate to your Site Settings and scroll down to the Advanced section and paste the code at the top of the Header Code Inject area.

(B) Add CNAME record to DNS:

To access your DNS settings for your connected domain first navigate to your Site Settings and scroll down to the Connected Domains section. Next, hover over the domain you’d like to verify and click the “cog” icon to bring up your DNS settings. From here add a CNAME record and paste the verification code (series of numbers and letters) from provided by Bing.

After completing one of the recommended verification methods Bing will be able to see this information and verify your ownership of the site.

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