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Why do I have to pay the subscription fee if my site isn’t live yet?

Your 14-day free trial is over and now you’re being prompted to purchase a subscription plan. Your website is not ready to go live yet. Understandably, you may be wondering what you’re being charged for if your live website is not yet being hosted.

Twenty Over Ten’s website building software provides you with many more features than just website hosting. The subscription fee applies to all of the following resources that are available to you before your website is live:

1. Access to our entire website building software

This includes unlimited landing pages, unlimited file hosting and storage, built-in contact forms and calls to action, and other integrations that enable you to create a website that highlights your business.

2.  Hosting for your staging website

Your staging website is the website that you can see when you’re logged into your Twenty Over Ten account. We host your staging website for you so you can use it to share your current drafts with your compliance team for review.

3. Support

Our support team is here to help you while you’re finalizing your website.

Once your site is live, the subscription fee covers more than just the live website hosting. We also provide an SSL certificate to secure your site. The SSL certificate ensures that your website is loading securely which gives peace of mind to your site visitors. Finally, our software automatically generates and stores archival copies of every update that is made to your live website. This means you’ll always be fully prepared for an audit of your website’s history!


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